Yohei Yamakado

Isamu Noguchi Said

ISM_2A cut-up, collage composition made from a conference of John Cage.
One day, Isamu Noguchi came to his flat in New York.

Writing Through Silence 1 + 2

1’42” + 2’58”

Writing Through Silence

Writing through John Cage’s book Silence using the method of Mesostics.


Yohei Yamakado (1987, Kobe) makes sound and visual. His productions have been presented in different events and institutions such as LʼOnde (2018), Nuit Blanche Kyoto (2015, 2016, 2017),  Towada Art Center (2016), Institut Goethe-Paris (2014), IRCAM (2014). He is also the co-founder of RÉCIT, a music label based in Paris which focuses on all auditive experiences from acoustics to contemporary electronic music.