Web Playlist 2019


A special internet listening session, from the Open Call, will be presented on the Helicotrema website, featuring works by:

Alberto Cattani
Naomi Credé
Catching Shadows
Interlingua (Francesco Fonassi and Francesco Venturi)
Valentino Russo
Riccardo Santalucia and Gaia Ginevra Giorgi
Elisa Strinna

Alberto Cattani
Starčevića boulevard

Alberto_Cattani_HelicotremaBefore the Yugoslav Wars, the city Mostar in Bosnia was more or less equally composed of three ethnic-religious groups: Croatian, Serbian, and Muslims (Bosniaks). After the war, most of the Serbian moved out of the area, leaving the city divided in two.

On July 15, 2018, 25 years after the end of the devastating Siege of Mostar, Croatia played against France at the FIFA World Cup final in Russia. During the match, I was on the Croatian side of Mostar. Once the match was over, thousands of people gathered in at Starčevića boulevard, the informal border which divides the western, Croat, and the eastern, Bosniak, sides of the city. People started marching alongside the ‘border’ and singing a mix of political and ideological chants for a process of physical claiming of territory.


Naomi Credé
Descending Downwards

And what about voices without bodies and bodies without voices? Are you feeling tired? Drained? Exhausted?

It’s neither light nor dark outside. The sun is sinking further and further beneath the horizon, accompanied by a looming dullness as the grey skies gently turn to blackness. Soft blue hues and ambient sound waves fill the room as a bodiless voice close to you speaks out. Let your shoulders relax. Sounds seeping in as you sink into the soft surfaces slumped around you, tired limbs weighing you down. Breath leaking outwards from your lips (be careful not to spill too much). You’re here together, congregated and scattered amongst the space whilst other voices are emanating from other points of the room. Are you feeling comfortable? Calm, soft voices persistently checking up on your wellbeing. Remember to remain composed and in control. Their voices don’t grow tired like yours. Did the darkness descend suddenly? Or did darkness fall upon you slowly?

Music by Andreas Tegnander

Catching Shadows

IMG_1749Patternseeking is an experimental spoken word piece, exploring cyclical thought patterns and fractured, subliminal narratives. The text is composed of isolated moments, a series of still-life impressions, fragments and stray perceptions cut-up and reassembled. Paralysed by self-analysis; ice caps melting; code corrupting as it replicates. As the piece progresses, the narrative is echoed in subtly-developing rhythms which arpeggiate and complicate, awash with warm ambient synths. The piece was created by writer Wesley Freeman-Smith, producer Theresa Elflein, and electronica artist Anna SchuSchu who composed the music.

You can find more from the artists on their Soundcloud pages:
Catching Shadows: https://soundcloud.com/catchingshadows 
Anna SchuSchu: https://soundcloud.com/annaschuschumusic

Interlingua (Francesco Fonassi and Francesco Venturi)
cri pur


Cri pur – puro grido in accezione Lacaniana – è un’ impronta sonica dove voce ed elettronica procedono per eccesso ed emulazione, sostenendosi e respingendosi ciclicamente.

Between a cri pur and a cri pour, between the noise of a pure scream (for nothing) and the sound of a cry for (something), between body and discourse, between phonation and phoné, between a voice’s body to be looked at and a voice-body to be listened to, there lies the voice, articulating its field of relation with the other, endlessly. In “Cri pur” there is a pure scream in the voice, and a cry for in the electronics – a cry for in the singing, a pure scream in the synthesis. Their articulation gives rise to a voice, talking interlanguage. Such speaking voice does not state much, and yet it speaks, and speaks up.

Image: Mutual Ritual by Gintarė Sokelytė

Valentino Russo
Hanna-Barbera presents

Hanna-Barbera presentsHanna-Barbera presents is a composition made of samples from Tom & Jerry’s most violent sequences. The repetitive structure of the piece and the distorted and grotesque sound effects make the audio annoying and at times unlistenable. Nevertheless, this work is not to be understood as a critique to the hidden violence of those seemingly innocuous and family-friendly cartoons like Tom & Jerry, but as an exacerbation of particular sound entities that are part of the cultural heritage of a generation that grew up with a certain kind of entertainment.

Riccardo Santalucia and Gaia Ginevra Giorgi
Manovre segrete

2Manovre Segrete is a performance-poetry project focused on intermediality that has been active since 2017. It is currently the most mature project in the research of author and performer Gaia Ginevra Giorgi. ́Manovre Segrete ́ is a study on the oral transmission of the poetic word, and the possibility to investigate its meaning through sound elements and their amplification is experimented with the sound designer Riccardo Santalucia. He builds a relationship between voice and sound objects, modeled from a personal field recordings repertoir, samplings of induced acoustic phenomena, digital synthesis and algorithms developed in Max Msp to generate time and timbre variation. Here an excerpt from the performance presented for the Art Site Festival.

Elisa Strinna
Blind Sun

Elisa Strinna-6

Blind Sun, Fidelidade Arte (Lisbon, PT) © Photos by Bruno Lopes

The sound work Blind Sun, conceived in collaboration with the young Italian musician Francesco Roberto Dani, follows on from the artist’s work on the transcription of information in scores to be interpreted by instrumentalists and singers. The work presented here deals with the process of nuclear fusion, the spectrum of 9 most important chemical elements in the composition of the sun, together with the data of Solar Irradiance and the world energy consumption in the last twenty years, Through a process of codification, these data were transformed into digital sounds and into scores interpreted by the young Portuguese lyrical singer Beatriz Ventura and then reassembled in a complex audio composition.
This work’s allusion to solar energy and nuclear fusion dives into the text La Part Maudite, by Georges Bataille, specifically the volume La Consumation. The holistic vision of mass energy consumption and the cosmic nature of the new political economy described by the French philosopher are materialised here in the sun and its chemistry.

To know more about the project: https://www.elisastrinna.com/blind-sun-sound