The Rorschach Scratch, 4’06”, 2012

In the high school we attended there was a guy called Alberto. He was thin and he used to talk a lot in a loud and compulsive way, often breaking in shorts and hoarse laughs. He wore a hat with the peak folded inside, as was in use in those years, sneakers and monochrome sweatshirts.

He played the “machines”, as drum machines are called in techno slang and he recorded his own tracks on some tapes that he kept in the pockets of his schoolbag. One day we skipped school and Alberto came to Switzerland with us; on the Citroën AX he made us listen some of his tracks and then forgot the tapes on the back seat. During the last year of school he started coming rarely to class, until he disappeared for a long time.

When he came back, he had completely shaved his eyebrows and head and roamed around the hallways screaming, laughing and kicking the lockers. Later he has been hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital where he committed suicide.

TSO is a tribute to Alberto and to his tapes forgotten on the Citroën AX.