Stijn Demeulenaere



Oortreders is a composition based on recordings made during the 2013 Sonic Mmabolela residency in Limpopo, South Africa. Sonic Mmabolela is a project curated and directed by Francisco López. A group of 16 sound artists and composers gathered in the Mmabolela reserve for two weeks to make field recordings, present their work and engage in some splendid discussions.

Each participating artist was asked to make a composition with the sounds he or she recorded. Oortreders is my contribution to the compilation. ‘Oortreders’ is the Afrikaans word for ‘trespassers’, however in my own mother tongue, ‘oor’ means ‘ear’. So Oortreders is somewhere in between ‘trespassing the ears’ and ‘ears trespassing’. The composition layers the sounds into both an abstract version of the South African landscape, and a, at least superficially, natural sounding one, playing with the expectations of the listener.

Oortreders was released on the “Various artists: Sonic Mmabolela 2013” compilation on the Free Music Archive, together with 11 other tracks contributed by the artists participating in the 2013 residency.

Oortreders won the third prize at the “Radio Forest Needs Sound” competition organised by Musica – Impulse Centre For Music. Oortreders is now part of the Radio Forest installation at Musica’s Sound Forest in Neerpelt (BE). Thanks to Francisco López and James Webb for organising the residency, and thanks to all participating artists and the
guides and crew of the Mmabolela Reserve.

© Stijn Demeulenaere, 2014