Stefano Faoro

oh… finally alone

10’59” – 2016
in collaboration with Pietro Faoro

Schermata 2016-07-20 alle 15.24.05


Can you talk about how it came oh… finally alone, the contribution that you present in this edition of Helicotrema?

Stefano: Notes, fragments of texts on one side and an archive of recordings on the other.

Stefano, this is your first sound project. How it fits within your artistic research?

Stefano: In my work, writing has always been related to talking, talking in public or just talking; it’s been many things, notes, marks on a list, points for a speech, parts of logics which are bound to fail and of course form of narration, fiction; typography; transcriptions and documentations, necessary means for the production of value. I see recordings as something that comes after all this.

Stefano, in your practice you often use the performance, which is the result of a very complex process of writing, in which are mixed collage and drawing. In your actions, as well as in your written notes, we find a way to build a narrative made of suspended moments, abandoned and taken over. Arriving at a mere merely voice survey which looks like a very organic result than this approach… Which aspects you are interested to investigate with this work?

Stefano: First the relation with the tool, the recorder, which I hold in my hand; secondly the relation with the public, the viewer, which seemed on the side instead of in front. If the performance is produced with the aim of abandoning any kind of discourse, the recording contains the possibility of defining something still to be written, a discourse out of itself.

oh… finally alone reminds works of sound poets like John Giorno and Gertrude Stein. Who are the artists that have influenced you the most?

Stefano: Well, thanks! I am just going to list some artists that influence my work. The scrips of Jean Marie Straub and Daniel Huillet, Mike Kelley and the characters of The Day is Done, Ketty La Rocca, Andrea Zanzotto, Amelia Rosselli, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, and certain novels.

Pietro: For this particular work I would say: Jeff Nichols, Scott Heim, Graham Lambkin.

Pietro, what was your role?

Pietro:  I worked with my archive and the recording, the voice. Therefore some sort of post-production in which my material has been added after, during the process of mixing, editing.