Sofia Saldanha

The Piano

The Piano pictures by Sofia SaldanhaThe sound of a mysterious piano echoes in the silence of the night.

Produced for Centro de Dramaturgia e Argumento (CeDA) and Antena 2 (2020)




A Caixa

A Caixa picture by Alfredo Saldanha

A Caixa tells an intimate story about loss and memory. It also evokes the sounds of a countryside family house built in 1861 and features sounds of a recovered building in Lisbon built after the 1755 earthquake. Both trigger memories of places we have known intimately: places we will never see again, sounds we will never hear again, and people who have crossed our paths that we will no longer see, but who still lurk in our emotional memory.

Produced for HearSay International Audio Arts Festival (2019)
Translations by Sofia Saldanha and Amanda Booth