Sebastiane Hegarty

Third Horizon
sHegarty_Third Horizon
Sebastiane Hegarty In January 1901 the di-di-dit of Marconi’s test signal was sent from an experimental station at Knowles Farm on the Isle of Wight to the Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station in Cornwall. Not only was the furthest a wireless signal had travelled at that time it was also the first ‘over the horizon’ transmission.
Third horizon is a soundscape based on field-recordings made during a series of covert residencies at these two wireless stations and the former Fog Signal Building at Dungeness. The horizon opens with the acoustic beacon of the Lizard Foghorn, sounding out place and providing a locational fix. As this signal begins a duet with the three-beep character of the Dungeness Foghorn, place begins to disperse and mingle. Travelling through air, place, time and substance, sound unveils a spectral landscape, where the geological chat of tapping pebbles repeats Marconi’s test signal and taps away at matter. Rapping on the door of substance, this litho-telegraphy reveals and interrogates a landscape littered with the architectural remains of listening and communication: the hollow volumes of the Lizard Wireless Station, the abandoned echo of decommissioned radar rooms, the unearthed cold war shiver of a redacted subterranean nuclear listening station. The apparition of these ghostly raps associate with the aeolian hum of antenna, the oceanic loll of broken waves and automatic morse of rain and loose wires. As the weather comes in, the foghorns return to sound a final lament and keep audible watch on the horizon as it closes.