Q-O2 is a structurally subsidized workspace for experimental contemporary music and sound art since 2006 and has its own space in the Brussels canal zone. The workspace developed out of the contemporary music ensemble Q-O2.

In practice, Q-O2 operates at three levels: it offers working residencies to artists; carries out projects in collaboration with national and international arts organizations; and holds performances and concerts in its own space.

In musical terms Q-O2 explores mainly three lines of approach: acoustic and electronic improvisation and composed music as well as installations and sound art. Through its conceptual preoccupations Q-O2 finds easily points of access to other disciplines.



Manuel Mota & Margarida Garcia (excpt.residency presentation)

Anne Wellmer & Julia Eckhardt (excpt.DoUndo/Recycling G)

Andrea Neumann & Mario de Vega – score for m (excpt. festival ‘Interpretations’)

Maria & Mihai Balabas (excpt. Monophonique festival)

Okkyung Lee (excpt. Festival ‘Interpretations)

Frederik Croene – le piano déméchanisé (excpt. festival ‘Interpretations)

Franziska Windisch – Corrosion (excpt. festival ‘Interpretations)

Gabriel Paiuk – a study in focus (excpt. residency presentation)

Kaffe Matthews – Finding Song Home (Sonic Bikes project)

JD Zazie (excpt.residency presentation)

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay – Decomposing Landscape (excpt. residency presentation)

Andi Stecher & Eliad Wagner (excpt. residency presentation)

Julia Eckhardt – Speling #5 (Chains project)

Jane Dickson – Labyrinthine (excpt. festival ‘the other the self’)

Lina Lapelyte – Candy Shop, the Opera (excpt. festival ‘the other the self’)

AGF/Antye Greie – #Voicenoise Hack (excpt. festival ‘the other the self’)

Simon Vincent – …FALLING MAN, RISING WOMAN… (excpt. festival ‘the other the self’)

MV Carbon (excpt. residency presentation)