Open Call 2018


Annika Kappner
10’38” – 2018

Amydala was commissioned for The Dissident Garden, a soundwalk through the Botanical Garden of Val Rahmeh (Menton, FR) curated by Chiara Nuzzi. The guided meditation invites the participants to explore the complex history of Val Rahmeh and to connect themselves to their surroundings experiencing the natural environment through the senses. The work uses the bodily experience of the viewer as counterweight to the (visual) information overload we are exposed to daily, to invite her to process information with her entire (physical) being. Can we go beyond unconscious emotions and mental representations related to concepts as class, corporate, indigenous, animal, human, natural, artificial? What sense of kinship and agency can we develop through sensing, rather than thinking and seeing?Amydala is best enjoyed surrounded by plants (in- or outdoors).

guide invisibili

Laboratorio 53 & Marco Stefanelli
Guide Invisibili

Guide Invisibili is a sound walk community project realized with a group of 15 young migrants hosted in the reception centers of Rome. Refusing the racist idea of migrants as unwelcome guests of our cities, Guide Invisibili tries through a mix of stories, sounds and music to spread the idea of migrants as full-right citizens of our countries.

To know more about the project and to discover the new appointments to walk with Guide Invisibili check the fb page of the project:

In Darkness All Cats Are Grey

Priscila Fernandes
In darkness all cats are grey
21’59’’ – 2017

Poster by Sandra Kassenaar

In darkness all cars are grey is an audio play based on the medieval utopia of the Country of Cockaigne – a place of abundant food, pleasant weather and where work is unnecessary. The journey to such country is usually narrated as arduous, taking several years and of enormous expectation. Priscila Fernandes transposed this imaginary to the present time: a park in a city at night where hordes of people walk around it without ever finding entrance. In order to reveal how utopias arise from our imaginary and how they can be instrumentalized, the artist embodied each of the characters with different ambitions and desires, from characters seeking for food and freedom, to stories of exploitation.



Simina Oprescu
One bag of rotten tomatoes and one bag of rotten potatoes

Pages from unknown stories and little known history of the counts of România. România, Căpâlnaș – 1949. An employee from the castle said: “Hurry up, they are coming! Gather all your belongings and run!” By the time they exit the door, they were caught on the stairs by the communists. It was a scam. They took all their suitcases with valuable things and given a part of their amusement two bags, 1 kg of rotten tomatoes and 1 kg of rotten potatoes. Countesse Ecaterina Emanuela Mocioni (my aromanian grand grand mother married with the hungarian count Jenö ‘Eugene’ Teleki) and her son, Eugen ‘Bubi’ Teleki. They were dragged and forced to work hard labor in Sântuhalm, jud Hunedoara. It was February. Bubi was beaten drastically only in his head, and went to a coma. He learnt to speak again one year later, at the age of 29.” 

Onirologia_Per nonno

Costantino Toth (Onirologia)
Per nonno
3’41” – 2017

“Per nonno” is the result of my attempt at piecing together an image of my deceased grandfather through various media: VHS home videos from 2004, chimes and guitar, a Lando Fiorini sample. 

This piece is the fifth track off of my debut album, “O”. The album is an analysis of the intersection between the recorded moment and the heredity, objectification, and divisiveness inherent to my experience as a 2nd-generation, queer immigrant. 

”O” has now become a project that will continue indefinitely.

 Listen to the full album here:

Hannah Dean Helicotrema

Hannah Dean
The Piano Tuner
10’00” – 2017

Who are these magicians that enter people’s homes and cast spells to bring dying pianos back to life?In this audio feature we take a glimpse into the working day one such magician, Roy Martin as he revels aspects of this supposedly solitary occupation of which there’s generally little known.We follow him on location from the intimate setting of somebodies house, complete with tea and biscuits to the chaos of the Olivia Theatre in London and, through Roy’s own story-telling are transported back to the his early days of training at the London College of Furniture in hustle and bustle of the East End.

Along the way we also hear from Professor Sundeep from Oxford University who’s been researching the effect of such repetitious listening on the brains over years of practice and how this might relate to other kinds of spatial navigation.