Pauline Curnier Jardin / Vincent Denieul

Grotta Profunda Approfondita

The sound piece is an extract from
“Grotta Profunda Approfondita”
 presented at La Biennale di Venezia
May 13th to November 26th 2017, 
Arsenale – Venezia (IT)


The installation invites the audience to walk through different chambers of a cave/body haunted by odd mythical characters. By auscultating the matter, minerals, fluids, vegetation, organisms, animal sources… filtering them and spacializing them we build the different moods of these chambers.
The sound emanation brings a vibrating, resonant and breathing entity of this cave/body in which the narrative evolves.

Pauline Curnier Jardin (b.1980, Marseilles) is an artist, filmmaker and performer who lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin.
After she had explored different expanded forms of narratives such as an optic-opera, an ethnographic-peep-show or some movie-performances, she focuses on making ultra narrative, epic, colourful but dark musical films, installations or spectacles, where she involves most of the time the same troupe of dancers, performers, and since works with the costume and set designer Rachel Garcia. She co-founded in 2007 the dada-femme recital the Vraoums and bloomed over the years in numerous collaborations with scientists, musicians and performers.
Curently, her installation Grotta Profunda Appronfundita is on display at the 57th Venice Biennale curated by Christine Macel and she recently presented her movies at the Tate Modern, at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Frieze Films Program, was laureate of the Prix d’Entreprise Fondation Ricard and get awarded for the Age D’Or Prize during the eponymous film festival in Brussels with her film« Explosion ma Baby » made in 2016 and presented in many internationnal festival.

Vincent Denieul (1970) FR, lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
He works and focuses on sound in space through audio engineering for concerts, film compositions, sound installations, and radio pieces.
He collaborates with visual artists, film maker, musicians performers and writers, and works currently with the visual artist Pauline Curnier Jardin for the release of film soundtracks and multimedia installations.