Oren Ambarchi



We are very interested in the listening conditions, in the spatial context of sound. You have presented your works in many different locations and conditions. How have the different contexts of presentation influenced your sound research over the years?

Yes, it has forced me to learn how to adapt my sounds to each new environment where a particular concert is presented. This has been a challenge but it keeps things more interesting for me and I have learned about how a space reacts to sound and vice versa as a result of this.

Are you interested in the idea of presenting your work in a recorded form in front of an audience, that is, without you performing it live?

Not so much, I much prefer presenting work live, in real-time. There is more room for variables which keeps things more tense, exciting and ‘on the edge’ for me. This is more satisfying when it comes to concerts.

Could you say a few words about Stratagem, the work that you will present during Helicotrema 2016?

This is an old guitar piece from 1998 recorded in collaboration with Matthew Thomas.
it is from a period when I had just begun experimenting with solo guitar concerts and recordings and I was heavily influenced from early electronic music and the then current works from artists such as pan sonic and the viennese mego label. I only had primitive tools to work with – a guitar, some effect pedals and a 4-track cassette player, but I attempted to emulate the current digital sounds from that era.