Open Call

The selection for the 2016 open call was made, after listening to all the submitted pieces, by Blauer Hase and Giulia Morucchio (curators of the Helicotrema festival) and by submitting a shortlist to Sofia Silva (artist and writer), Barbara Nardacchione (independent researcher), Martina Raponi (independent researcher and curator) and Marta Pettinau (curator and freelance journalist).

The sound pieces that have been selected to be included in the Helicotrema festival are those by:

Roberto Fassone – Take Me Down To Paradise City
Hristina Tasheva – BIO – ROB 20 18
Sláva Sobotovičová – No, Sir. Jane Eyre
Stefano D’Alessio – Giudecca

These selected works will be presented in Centrale Fies in the program of the 2016 festival.
Furthermore, a special internet listening session will be presented on the Helicotrema website at this link, featuring works by:

Salvatore Piras – Ginepro 13,49
Vincenzo Altieri – infinitofonie
Michele Spanghero –  GUTTATIM (Grotta Gigante)
Kazuya Ishigami – There is no such universal
Gretchen Jude – Amber Moon an Ember

We thank you so much, again, for taking part to the open call, and we hope to keep hearing from you in the future.