Open Call

Dear authors,

We thank you all for submitting your sound piece to the Helicotrema festival 2017 open call.

Listening to all the participating contributions and getting to know so many interesting authors has been a wonderful experience and we look forward to making this happen again next year.

The sound pieces that have been selected to be included in the Helicotrema festival are those by John F. Barber, Benoit Bories, Federico Chiari, Matteo Polato, Erica Van Loon, Stijn Demeulenaere and Dashes.

The seven selected works will be presented in Palazzo Grassi and in the other venues of the 2017 festival, which will take place in Venice.

Furthermore, a special internet listening session will be presented on the Helicotrema website, featuring works by: Laura Lovatel, Filippo Tappi, Chloé Despax, Mauro Sambo.

The selection was made, after listening to all the submitted pieces, by Blauer Hase and Giulia Morucchio (curators of the festival), Luca Trevisani (artist), Chiara Caterina (artist and filmmaker), Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti (independent curator), Attila Faravelli (sound artist and co-founder of Standards, Milano) and Francesco Bergamo (PhD in Design Sciences).

We thank you so much, again, for taking part to the open call, and we

hope to keep hearing from you in the future.

All best regards,

Blauer Hase and Giulia Morucchio