Niels Bugge

Secret Fantasies

Niels Bugge - Secret fantasies

Secret Fantasies is a project based on childhood fantasies remembered by adults, either gathered through interviews or submitted anonymously. Based on these texts, sampled voices are collaged, dictating memories they have never known. The selection process of these voices highlight the inevitable vulnerability married to fame and recognition. Each is a public voice. Anyone who can listen to it, may also take possession of it. The vocabulary of such a voice is malleable. If a word has not been said it can be compounded. If its said too loud, it can be dimmed. If its too fast, it can be slowed down. And so dreams never voiced are heard in new places.

Niels Bugge is a Norwegian artist based in Los Angeles. He graduated with an MFA from California Institue of the Arts in 2017 and with a BFA from Glasgow School of Art in 2013. His work has been shown at the New Glasgow Society, Whitechapel gallery, FACT (Liverpool), FABRICA (Brighton), at the Night Gallery in Los Angeles and V22 in London, and have been featured at Radiophrenia in Glasgow and on radio WFMU in New York. The artwork he is making evolves from a gathered collection of fantasies.