Mia Thom

Here! Your Golden Scarab
Excerpt of 10′ (from the original track of 23’)

Helicotrema_Mia Thom image for audioA prophetic song, a pendulum that splits a deck of cards, a book with an inscription, a priest with clear instructions, a family heirloom, a night like a Rothko painting, a text confirming a dream, an unidentified photograph, a chance to make sound…
An excerpt from, Here! Your Golden Scarab (2019), this sound work is comprised of 14 out of the 30 artists’ vocal accounts on synchronicity, manifested dreams, visions, and other inexplicable happenings. Here the title makes reference to Carl Jung’s experience with a patient who recounted her dream of a golden scarab, the very moment a golden beetle tapped at the window.
Within the context of a shared listening, the fragmented, interwoven and at times jarring and incomplete narratives, allow this dream-like sequence of both disparate and collective life-worlds, to proliferate in indeterminate ways. The artists’ accounts at times
reveal a sense of vulnerability, wonder and otherworldliness. Some function as a form of confession; to an intimacy with the unknown.
This work was recently broadcast on the radio programme of London based festival, Art Licks Weekend 2019.
Artists’ voices (10’ version) :
Katherine Bull
Hanien Conradie
Coila-Leah Enderstein
Lance Herman
Khanya Mashabela
Virginia McKenny
Sukuma Mkhize
Sean O’Toole
Carolyn Parton
Chloë Reid
Amy Rusch
Matt Slater
Cara Stacey
Sitaara Stodel

Piano extracts:
Chopin Nocturne no 19. in E minor, op. 72 no.1
Pianist: Estelle Roux
Ligeti Étude No. 10 ‘Der Zauberlehrling’
Artist/Pianist: Coila-Leah Enderstein


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