Matteo Polato



Fjöturlundr stands in a liminal space between the acousmatic composition and the radio-play. It was born from a short pagan poem (or spell), dating back from the Germanic Middle Ages, called First Merseburger Incantation.

The mythical narration expressed by the text and the ritual associated with it is staged, manifested through the sound itself, in a narrative form. The sonic materials used for the electronic elaborations are the solely verses of the poem, that has been recited, sung and then recorded.
The piece explores the mimetic and imaginative possibilities of the vocality, its ability to represent other from itself, as natural, atmospheric, animal sounds.

Eiris sazun idisi, sazun hera duoder;
suma hapt heptidun, suma heri lezidun,
suma clubodun umbi cuoniouuidi:
insprinc haptbandun, inuar uigandun.

Long time ago, the Idisi sat here and there as bearers of justice,
Some fastened magical bonds, some impeded the infernal armies,
Some unraveled the braided laces away, with their fingers.
Escape the magic bond, flee from what is against you.