Mat Ward

Russolo’s trail

Mat Ward - Russolos Trail

Russolo’s Trail was created from field recordings captured in 2017 whilst on residency in Italy to produce a film and soundtrack about the life of the Futurist Artist and pioneer of Sound Art Luigi Russolo. It is both a chronological diary of my travels as I moved through the towns and cities of Northern Italy and a sonic narrative exploring Russolo’s conviction that noise was a key component of material and spiritual revolution.
Starting in Portogruaro, the town of his birth, the work features manipulated sounds from Venice, Modena, Milano, Genoa, Varese and finally Cerro di Laveno on the shores of Lago Maggiore where Russolo settled in 1933 and continued working and writing until his death in 1947.
It also features a recital of segments of Russolo’s 1913 manifesto “L’arte dei Rumori” in which he spells out his vision for a world where the noises of modernity replace the archaic sounds of the orchestra and opera.
Russolo’s Trail is part of a larger investigation in Luigi Russolo’s practice and philosophy that started in 2013 that has included film, performance, recording and instrument building.