Marcos Lutyens

To celebrate its nine years of activity, Helicotrema commissioned Marcos Lutyens a new sound work. The piece will be printed on a flexy-disc and presented with a book published by Viaindustriae and produced by Imagonirmia Award, whose release is scheduled for Autumn 2020.




The title is Vault which means tumbling over in English, giving us the sport of pole vaulting which goes back to the ancient Greeks and Celts The word Vault also calls to mind the arched ceiling in a building or church, or a place to keep things safe,  or the vault of the skull which houses the mind, as well as the helicotrema, or the vast dome of the sky…from latin volvere: to roll which is what the accompanying flexi disc will be doing when played.

Vault hypnotically seeks to extend the listener out of an everyday reality into one of infinite possibilities, as well a deep rooted connection to the self. 

In the last part of the audio there is a scene of combat with oneself, reflecting this time of Covid in which sick bodies do battle within themselves, and those not infected fight inner tendencies to be social, to seek freedom, as well as to return to old habits. The yearning for a complete being, not at war with itself  and feeling a release from heavy feelings is nurtured by this cathartic journey, one that starts in an athletic stadium, where the visitor becomes the athlete, ready to overcome all physical and mental hurdles

Voice Marcos Lutyens
Sound design Julia Owen and Marcos Lutyens