Lili M. Rampre

Marchetti Running


Running is a piece by Walter Marchetti, an Italian composer, who cofounded the avant-garde group Zaj. Zaj was influenced by John Cage and ran parallel tracks with Fluxus. Interested in the spoken word, the implication of the body in the production of text and writing as a choreographic practice, I have come across Marchetti’s piece while researching on the history of sound poetry. Instantaneously taken by it and his work in general, I have and continue to resort to it as an endless source of inspiration and study for my own work. When I read the Helicotrema festival’s call for participation, interpretation of Running broadcasted at a stadium came immediately to my mind. To bring to life a work by an author, who characterised his own work as “the arsehole of Western music” and let it run freely in a monument to physical efforts and achievements feels like reawakening Marchetti’s dissident spirit through a spell captured within his written score. “For the running in the piece is double, the running of a set of legs and the running of a set of lungs endlessly repeating, and endlessly going forward” (C.Migone, Sonic Somatic).