Jon Panther

The Everyday

Jon Panther - The Everyday

“Unmediated and endured by those who live it, the everyday acts as mediator between nature and culture” Henri Lefebvre 1961

The “English Speaking” on holiday and the language record or cassette of the 60’s and 70’s……did anyone actually use this medium to etch upon the memory an archive of useful phrases to have on hand for their intrepid trip to the Continent !?
I took the two actors trapped within the inscription of this recording, across the channel and on a surreal holiday of a lifetime – I’d like some assorted appetisers!
Jon Panther is a decomposer enjoying the relationship the human voice has with recorded and transmitting mediums while flippantly celebrating the absurdity of the ordinary.
Jon also produces content for the award winning Radia Network and narrowcasts radiophonics and sound experiments within south central Sydney AUS. DiffusionFM 91.9