Islands Songs (Nicolas Perret & Silvia Ploner)

The Forest Within – Within the Forest
Excerpt of 10′ (from the original track of 39′)

VoidFishBlinksBlind_WB_WEB_Horizontal_2000pxwAndrea Nicolò, 2019

Autoproduction, originally commissioned by Deutschlandfunk Kultur for Klangkunst
Text: César E. Giraldo Herrera, Islands Songs
Voices: Lucrecia Dalt, César E. Giraldo Herrera
Mix: Philippe Charriot

What if the ‘invisible’ beings Amerindian peoples have been interacting with have more
in common with microbes than with the notions ‘spirits’ and ‘souls’ introduced by the
missionaries during the colonial effort of conversion? And what if shamans have been
smelling, seeing, hearing and experiencing these beings for more than five thousand
Featuring a conversation in-between a human and microbe, The Forest Within – Within
The Forest explores how knowledge about microbiology can be found encoded in
Amerindian narratives and understanding of the natural world.
[ A blood vessel can be perceived as a river and also as a tree. That depends on whether
you acknowledge it from the perspective of a microbe or the perspective of a human. ]
Thought as both a multispecies documentary and a fabulative sound narrative, the piece
interleaves human and microbial perspectives, spaces and times; exploring borders,
frictions and symbioses in-between acoustic and synthetic, abstract and concrete, single
organism and environment, the guest and the host, the self and the other. The River and
the Tree.
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Nicolas Perret and Silvia Ploner form the duo Islands Songs. They live in Berlin and
Paris where they have worked together since 2012. Their interest is drawn to territories
that transgress anthropocentric and Eurocentric systems of value and move the
boundaries of the unknown. Through a syncretic approach to sound – situated between
documentary, sound art and electroacoustic music – and with recorded sound material as
a base, they undertake long-term projects that result in radio pieces, sound installations,
performances and publications.