Giovanni Boscolo / Giona Rossetto

avis / spècere

avis _ specère Boscolo _ Rossetto
Cloaked around ourselves. Objectives being set. Human beings, unique in every aspect, colour and belief.  
When everything is about to begin, that “everything” is something exclusive to our own self. A goal which requires to be met given a start and an end. 
Training is equally vital as our heads space, our mentality.   
A deep breath, and it commences: knowledge, formalities and rituals: the character and ability to concentrate isn’t shaped from hollow nature, neither by chance. 
The fruit of numberless victories and as many defeats, ups and downs, handshakes and exchange of glances. 
Rituals are essential within us, they allow us to breathe; they encourage us to lead before, during and after our effort.  
A pure invention, designed to keep us focused or to make us feel more courageous about our doings, rituals are non-other than our Alter Ego which lives with us to govern the goal which has been set. 
Nevertheless, this ritual serves our own and non-other. 
When drowning in roars which may lead to losing our focus, we turn to them: our Invocation, never to be shared due to their intimate nature, moments of isolated contemplation, sometimes awkward, but unique. Aware of their existence, but unable to picture them. Brisk actions, rhythmic inhales, immovable stares.
A single objective: reach the porpoise that we have set ourselves, accompanied by our purest intimacy.