Erica van Loon

Your Brain Has No Smell
2016/2017, originally shown as audio installation, 35 min.
(At Helicotrema a special excerpt is presented)

Your Brain Has No Smell_EvL_2017Your Brain Has No Smell is a monologue by a professor in anatomy. While she is dissecting brains she speaks in detail about the different colours, the textures and currents in your brain. She tells you how it feels to take apart the different tissues. She speculates on your (un)consciousness and all possible senses for perceiving your inside as well as the environment around you.

Concept and script: Erica van Loon
Voice: Emi Kodama
Sound design: in cooperation with Malu Peeters
Editing script: Heleen van Loon, Rosie Heinrich
Special thanks to Cindy Cleypool, Lecturer of (neuro) anatomy at Utrecht University

This work was created over a longer period of time and during two residencies, at NAIRS in Scuol (CH) and at I-Park in East-Haddam (USA). The work was first exhibited at I-Park’s 6th International Site-Responsive Art Biennial in 2017 as an audio-installation.