Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle


epic copyThis composition evolves during 7 minutes in an underground atmosphere which at times, resurfaces on the surface; as a memory that has long been buried. Intense moments, brutal ones and others quieter come in succession of one another. A bunch of memories intermingled to generate new emotions to feel.
The eunoé is an imaginary river that brings up memories. In Greek mythology, the one who drinks at Eunoe keeps the memory of his past good deeds, after having forgoten his bad ones by means of Lethe.
My work is part of a desire to reflect on the transmission and saving of the memories by sound. I am interested in different myths and stories that deal with this subject. I asked several people to give me music that brings up a brutal emotion to them, that reminds them of those almost erased moments that come right back when listening to a few notes, a noise, a frequency, a vibration.
From there, I created a soundscape using all these harvested sounds. I pasted, cut, modified, layered, re-recorded them to recreate one and unique memory.