Babu Eshwar Prasad

Notes from Underground
Installation, 2017

Notes from the UndergroundThe sound was a vital element of an installation inspired by my repeated visits to the Kolar gold fields, found in the state of Karnataka, India. I have been very deeply intrigued by this denuded mine site, subject to so much ecological exploitation for more than a century. Walking around the chemically treated cyanide mountains, one encounters a landscape where the differing shades of each layer of soil are clearly visible and not a single blade of grass grows. I worked on a digital collage that examined this surface up close, the textures and hues of the soil are stitched together in one long print. The landscape reverberates in a drawing and sound work which explore the relationship between the aural and the visual. The drawing made from abstract notations scans the surface and its many underlayers and the soundscape creates another version of the landscape, bringing out the sounds of the underground. All three entities are locked in an endless loop of mirroring and producing variations.