Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri

Dieci Appunti sul Disfare dell’Arte (nell’epoca di guerra civile e di un fascismo post-fascista)


We have been for some time interested in the gestural dimensions or predisposition of our artistic capacities, which sometimes require more improvisation and waiting for the proper moment or opportune moment rather than to “act’ or play something out. Neither wanting to create situations of production nor post-production, we look for another relation that more seamlessly weaves into a life form or life forming or life enhancing or life intensifying situation, and then sharing it.

A short note on the libretto:
The text was written in New York in March of 2017 in the midst of research into the various manifestations of fascism both historical and contemporary. The impulse to write these short notes came in a confrontation between the dire political circumstances we are living through and the often oblivious forms of art making and productivity which surrounds us.

A short note on the music:
An evening drive, late summer, listening to Paolo Conte’s ‘Lo Scapolo’, for the first time in many years.
Returning home that same evening wanting to sing it for ourselves and then the mysterious impulse to record it on our phone.
Months later, looking for traces of events which could be a contribution (for the festival), re-listening to this recording.
Remaining connected to the spirit of that child-like enthusiasm in the recording, but ultimately understanding that this Conte song, with its sweet but nonetheless pathetic lyrics of a world revolving around men, whether virile or impotent, needed to be unmade.

The short contribution we have made is an amalgamation and compression of these disparate events and thought processes this year into a song unmade.

To love and to unmake! This could be a motto for unmaking art in the era of post-fascist fascism.