Annea Lockwood

Namaste (for Steven Miller)



Namaste incorporates chorus waves and whistlers recorded by NASA’a RBS probes in conjunction with the University of Iowa’s Radio and Plasma Wave Group, then “Retanked” by in Rangeley, Colorado; also radio emissions from Saturn, shifted down into the audio range by a factor of 44 and recorded by the NASA Cassini spacecraft’s Radio and Plasma Wave Science instrument in 2003 . A sei whale, recorded by Arthur Newhall, at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, accompanies Saturn.  I am grateful for permission to use these sounds.

I spend my summers on a large lake in NW Montana, Flathead Lake; one afternoon, reading down by the lake, I began to notice the deliciously pitched plops and gurgles with which the piece opens and was able to set my microphone down in amongst the rocks, very close to the water. Later that year, visiting a friend’s installation at the Hoboken Ferry Terminal in New Jersey, I was struck by the sounds the metal gangplanks generated and returned on a windy day. Each time a boat passed on the Hudson or a ferry docked nearby, the gangplanks’ overlapping sections produced intricate textures, resonating strongly in the hangar-like terminal. Buoyant is the interplay of these sources, together with a recording I made in 1999 of a boat basin on Lake Como, Italy.

  – Annea Lockwood


    photo: Nicole Tavenner