Annea Lockwood

48K sample rate 24 bits

lockwoodNamaste is dedicated to Stephen M. Miller, the composer and sound artist (d. 2014) whose “listening runs wide and deep”, as his close friend, Steve Peters wrote in 2014.

It incorporates chorus waves and whistlers recorded by NASA’s RBS probes in conjunction with the University of Iowa’s Radio and Plasma Wave Group, then “retanked by in Rangely’, and also radio emissions from Saturn, shifted into the audio range by a factor of 44 and recorded by the NASA Cassini spacecraft. A sei whale recorded by Arthur Newhall at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute accompanies Saturn. I am grateful for permission to use these sounds.

For Ruth

In July, 1973 Ruth Anderson and I met for the first time and within three days we were joyously entangled. For the next nine months while I was teaching in her studio at Hunter College, NYC, and she was living in Hancock, NH on a sabbatical – composing, piling wood, swimming – we called each other by phone, often twice a day, “… together in our voices” as she wrote. Ruth recorded those conversations, and in ’74 she collaged fragments –– interweaving them with snatches of old popular songs, Yes Sir, That’s My Baby; Oh, You Beautiful Doll; and Bill Bailey into Conversations (’74).

It was a gift to me, a private piece. In a letter to me written at that time she says “Yes,
conversations. Replayed at another time are like photographs, a framed, kept, high tuned awareness for flow of rhythm from a person, that person’s composition & a composition of that person, how people cope with that one medium we must all share, of speech.”

For Ruth. In June 2020, seven months after Ruth died, I returned to Hancock, wanting to be back in that peaceful world, and made field recordings in and around the village, at Willard Pond – an Audubon Sanctuary where we loved to swim, and Sargent Lake, weaving our voices from those same phone conversations in ’73 back into that origin place, and finally at Flathead Lake, Montana where she rests.


Annea Lockwood’s compositions range from sound art and environmental sound installations to concert music. Recent works include Becoming Air, co-composed with Nate Wooley, trumpet, Wild Energy with Bob Bielecki – a site-specific installation focused on geophysical, atmospheric and mammalian infra and ultra sound sources, permanently installed at the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts, Katonah New York, Into the Vanishing Point, co-composed with the ensemble Yarn/Wire – a meditation on the large-scale disappearance of insect populations, and For Ruth commissioned by the Counterflows Festival ‘21.

Water has been a recurring focus of her work and her three installation sound maps of rivers: The Hudson River, the Danube and the Housatonic River have been widely presented. Her music has been issued on CD, vinyl and online on the Gruenrekorder, Black Truffle, Superior Viaduct, Lovely Music, New World, Ambitus, 3Leaves, XI, EM and other labels.

She is a recipient of the SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States) Lifetime Achievement Award 2020.