Alicja Czyczel

Choreophonies 2

A body-archive resists linear description and documents itself on its own terms.

you hear someone push the record button
you hear a step which repeats, the soft step moves away
do you hear the difference between walking backward and walking forward?
you hear an ambulance on a signal in the distance
you hear the word “silence” spoken aloud
you can hear speech spreading around that particular room
you hear your saliva swallowing
you hear the floor creaking here and there
you can barely hear your own uncontrolled inhale and exhale inhale and exhale and forget about it
you hear the stillness of the things you see
you hear the scratch of a pen across the sheet of paper
you hear keeping balance
you hear keeping balance
keeping you hear fall
the falling is somehow more difficult to hear than the fall itself
you hear something has fallen to the ground and you recognize the weight of the object
you hear a fly flying in front of your nose
you hear a clear confirmation of the thought “I’m in motion”
Does this mean that the landscape is standing still?
you hear me going somewhere (and I know it won’t get me anywhere)
you hear the time lapse between one gesture and the next
you hear that the words do not correspond to the length of the movement they describe


The project is implemented as part of the scholarship program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – Culture on the Web 2020.