Helicotrema 2018

On 12 October, Helicotrema will be in Padova as part of RADIA – Aperitivi Acusmatici, a program that reflects on the concept of acusmatic sounds organized by Centro d’Arte.
At the end of May the festival was in Ravenna as part of Marea, a project curated by MU.

With sound contributions by:

Meriç Algün Ringborg
Niels Bugge
Ludovica Carbotta
Amandine Casadamont and Alexandre Plank
The Cool Couple
Jimmie Durham
Vivienne Griffin
Cathy Lane
Dave Madden aka Tulpamancers aka nonnon
David Monacchi
Thomas Nadal Poletto
Jon Panther
Mariateresa Sartori
Federico Trimeri
Mat Ward
Yohei Yamakado

On the occasion of RADIA – Aperitivi Acusmatici, Helicotrema presents a selection of pieces that investigates the boundary between ‘nature’ and ‘synthesis’.
The selection was created by matching the sound contributions of the 2018 edition of the festival with archival materials of the past editions and wants to immerse the viewer in jungles and extended cities made of voices and noises, where the ear is stretched between the disorientation and the recognition of sounds.


For Marea, Helicotrema presents four different collective listening sessions at the Classense Library, where it will be possible to meet unexpected acoustic presences and be transported to remote places. We will move through many latitudes of sound and compositions, through dark and luminous places, noises and silences.
On Friday 25, the festival opens with “Bestiario”, a collection of animal sounds and buzzes. Afterwards, “Metatext” brings the listeners through subtle words, soundscapes in the form of radio plays and post-apocalyptic scenarios.
On Saturday 26, Helicotrema continues with “Le Freak c’est chic”, an extravagant journey between political theories of art, conceptual practices and meditation sessions, and finally “Er Tajo”, an audio essay on collecting and editing sounds.

Over the past six years Helicotrema hosted an incredible range of different researches and sound works. > Past editions